Home News The US condemns the provocative actions of Chinese ships in the East Sea

The US condemns the provocative actions of Chinese ships in the East Sea

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Chức năng bình luận bị tắt ở The US condemns the provocative actions of Chinese ships in the East Sea

Manila has taken diplomatic action by summoning Beijing’s ambassador after accusing China of engaging in “illegal and dangerous” behavior that led to two collisions in the highly disputed South China Sea. The collisions, which occurred on Sunday, are the latest in a series of maritime confrontations between the two countries in the region.

According to the Philippines’ National Taskforce, China’s coast guard engaged in “dangerous blocking maneuvers” that caused a collision with a Philippine resupply boat near Second Thomas Shoal. This particular site is a significant flashpoint, and the Philippines has repeatedly accused China of attempting to block its resupply missions in the area. In a separate incident, a Chinese Maritime Militia vessel bumped into a Philippine coastguard vessel during a routine resupply mission.

China, on the other hand, accused the Philippine boat of intentionally stirring up trouble by reversing into a Chinese fishing vessel. Although one of Manila’s boats was damaged in the incidents, no Filipino personnel were harmed. The Philippines has expressed concern over the escalation of provocations by Chinese vessels in the South China Sea, asserting that such actions are unnecessary.

The international community has also expressed concerns about China’s behavior in the region. The United States, which has a mutual defense pact with the Philippines, condemned China’s actions and reaffirmed its commitment to the defense of Philippine armed forces and vessels in the South China Sea. Other Western countries, including Canada and the European Union, have also raised concerns, describing China’s actions as dangerous, disturbing, and unjustified.

China claims almost the entire South China Sea, despite a UN tribunal ruling against its claim. The Philippines and other neighboring countries have overlapping claims in the region, which is a vital trade route and is believed to hold significant oil and natural gas reserves.

The collisions between Chinese and Philippine vessels highlight the ongoing tensions and risks in the South China Sea. There is concern that further escalation of such incidents could lead to a confrontation between the US and China, adding more complexity to the situation.

The Philippine government’s decision to summon the Chinese ambassador demonstrates its commitment to resolving disputes through diplomatic channels. By engaging in diplomatic processes, Manila aims to address the provocative actions of China and ensure the safety of Philippine personnel operating in the South China Sea.

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