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China drives away Philippine gunboat near disputed Scarborough Shoal

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Chức năng bình luận bị tắt ở China drives away Philippine gunboat near disputed Scarborough Shoal

China’s coastguard says it drove away a Philippine navy gunboat near the contested Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea on Tuesday.

The coastguard said the ship had ignored verbal warnings so it had followed and monitored the vessel before forcing it to leave the area, where China claims sovereignty.

“The operations at the scene were professional, standard and legitimate,” the Chinese coastguard said.

In recent weeks, China has also clashed with other South China Sea claimants, including Vietnam. Vietnamese media reported in August that a Chinese coastguard had fired water cannon at a Vietnamese fishing boat, breaking a fisherman’s arm and injuring another’s head.

China’s actions in driving away a Philippine gunboat near the disputed Scarborough Shoal have sparked tensions in the South China Sea.

According to reports from various sources, including the South China Morning Post, Yahoo Finance, and Reuters, a confrontation occurred between Chinese Coast Guard vessels and a Philippine Navy gunboat in the waters around Scarborough Shoal.

The Japan Times also reported on the incident, highlighting the ongoing territorial disputes in the area. However, the Philippines’ official stance, as stated in a Reuters article, contradicts the initial reports, with the Philippine government stating that the Chinese Coast Guard did not drive away their navy gunboat.

China and the Philippines have been involved in a territorial conflict in the South China Sea. The situation has raised tensions between the two countries and has become a complex issue with various perspectives.

According to the Crisis Group, managing the tensions in the South China Sea is a dilemma for the Philippines. The International Court of Justice ruled in favor of the Philippines’ claims, but China has rejected the ruling. This has led to increased militarization in the disputed areas.

The Lowy Institute explains how China views the conflict with the Philippines. China considers the South China Sea as its territory and believes it has historical rights to the region. They argue that their actions are in response to external interference and provocation.

The Wall Street Journal has reported on near collisions at sea, highlighting the mounting risks in the China-Philippines dispute. This illustrates the tense and volatile nature of the situation.

The Associated Press also covers ongoing tensions between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea. There have been incidents involving patrol ships and conflicting territorial claims, further escalating the dispute.

The Council on Foreign Relations provides a global conflict tracker, highlighting territorial disputes in the South China Sea. It showcases the complexity and the importance of resolving these conflicts peacefully.

In summary, the conflict between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea is a complex issue with geopolitical, economic, and legal implications. It is crucial for both countries, as well as the international community, to find a peaceful resolution to avoid further escalation and ensure stability in the region.

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